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Treat while Musky fishing

Sometimes while fishing for a certain species of fish you get a treat and pick up something other than what you are targeting. That is what this walleye was! (pictured below). I was throwing a musky spinner bait across the middle of the river in the current looking for hidden rocks and pockets where I know muskies are hanging out. As I was reeling my bait just stopped and at first I thought I was hung up. This fish just smacked the spinner and then sat right in one spot. Most of the time with muskies or bass hit the bait and then make their run or leaping acrobatics, while the walleye are known for that head shake and staying down. This one did not do anything except freeze. I was smart enough to keep pressure and not give slack (like you do sometimes to get the snag out) and then I finally got the walleye head shake and realized I was into a nice fish. He was a nice slot fish that posed nice for the camera and was quickly returned to the water for someone else to catch. Fall is here and I am starting to notice not just the leaves changing but weather patterns and fish patterns are starting to change too.

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