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Bass fishing in Wisconsin
Nice Smallmouth on Lake Alexander
Wisconsin River Smallmouth caught by Dad
Walleye on the Wisconsin River

 I fell in love with fly fishing the rivers in Montana back in 2000 when I lived in Missoula and have fished those waters every summer with my Dad and most recently my kids.  I moved back home after living out west for the 2000 fly fishing season. I have made a career as an educator for the past 16 years right here in North Central Wisconsin and now have combined my education skill set with my passion and skill set for fly fishing.  ON THE FLY is dedicated to giving you an unforgettable day on the river or lake, fly-fishing or using traditional rod and reel for Central Wisconsin game fish.  Even if you have never raised a fly rod but have always thought about the opportunity, I will have you tossing a fly like a pro in a matter of minutes.  My SeaArk 20 foot jet boat will get us to some of the best water that others simply can't get to.  Looking forward to providing you a great experience. 

Walleye on the Wisconsin River
Musky Fishing on Wisconsin River
Smallmouth fishing on Wisconsin River
Huge Smallmouth on Wisconsin River
Musky fishing the Wisconsin River
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