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Take a kid fishing!

Sunday, July 15th, 2018 - Tonight we decided to try some new water and we took out some youngsters with us. Jack, Connor and Luke came along with AJ and I. The main dish tonight was humidity, heat and mosquitoes, but there was a side of walleye by Jack, Rock Bass by Connor, and a tag team Smallmouth by AJ and Luke (picture). Surface water temp was 81 degrees (too hot) and it was literally sticky out there. Mosquitoes were a bit thick tonight at dark. We got on the water about 6:45 and off by 9:00 (still 78 degrees). Tried some new water, boys acted like boys and all in all it was another successful night on the water. Cold front is in the forecast and now is the perfect time to book that trip. Mosquitoes will subside and fishing will pick up even more.

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