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Muskies are always shallow, deep, or somewhere in between.

What an awesome night out on the river (8-7-18). No fishing story here - I literally had a catch on my first cast. It was the bass pictured below. I also had 3 fish in the first 10 casts and 6 fish in the boat in the first 30 minutes. I went to get my buddy (AJ) at the landing and we headed back out even though the storm was heading in. The rain started and the thunder and lightening were not far off. We got lucky as the two storms went to the north and south of us, we ended up with a little rain for about 20 minutes but it was perfect conditions for fishing. I made a cast towards shore and the water just blew up. The fight was on and I was able to land this nice musky pictured below. Extremely grateful for the opportunity to get out on the water!!

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