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"Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son". -George Lucas

Sorry, I had to steal that one from Star Wars. This young man is starting to become a smallmouth slayer. There's something about fishing with your kids that is just magical. I used to spend hours on the river chasing trout and would not come home until I was convinced I caught every fish that I put a fly in front of. My biggest joy now is watching my son's or daughter pull in a fish and watch them smile when it lands in the net or they laugh out loud when they hear that line scream. I get just as much joy when I have clients in the boat and they hook into a fish that gives them a good fight. There is something about fishing, young or old, that is just simply, amazing.

Weather has been hot and water temps are creeping up. Looking at a little faster water with some more oxygen or deeper holes with some shade. I want to thank those of you that are following me on social media. Feel free to share the heck out of it and we'll see where this goes!!

All the best!!

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