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"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." ~Norman Maclean

I remember that first fly cast I made, and I remember that first fish I caught on the fly rod, and I will have few memories that will compare... I didn't have the mountains in the background or the ice cold tributaries feeding the river but tonight I threw a musky deceiver from the back of the boat and for a moment while on the Wisconsin River I was as close to that as I could have been. We had three swirls and two hits but unfortunately did not boat a fish tonight (in only 2 hours) targeting strictly muskies. I was happy to get out and throw the big stick tonight and watch the fly dance in the water waiting for that strike out of nowhere. Air temps were comfortable and surface water temp was down 3 degrees from two days ago (78.4). The big fish seemed much more active tonight and the river is setting up to be pretty awesome in the days to come!!! Give me a call, and book your trip!

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